At Peace

Every beginning has an end

and every enemy was once a friend 

deception the act of making someone believe something that is not true

 the act of deceiving someone

i belief that to be comfortable with yourself you must

first be comfortable with how others view you 

 constantly blaming yourself for what others have done to you

neglecting your health, well being,and pride the world

is a big ocean that hate and resentment reside  

turn the tables and ride the tide for 

blind eyes can not see passion but i can 

when i look in your eyes i can see the joy and happiness

trapped inside by the marble glare of your eyes 

I know you cant express yourself

sometimes you think about suicide

you feel like no one has a life like yours or wonder why you were born 

you let people in but deception follow

when they are done they leave a brick behind 

and you build a wall with it now the wall is so tall you cant see over it 

 blind eyes can see passion but i can 

 love and affection turns to bitterness and hate 

you turn to drugs because its an easy escape ,

not to mention its the perfect paint for you wall

you find friends but drinking and drugs is the only topic on which Y'all can relate

you run into trouble everyone knows when your

involved with drugs trouble always arrive late 

now your in a jail cell thinking about who you really are and your actions 

you discover yourself but now you and your friends have different factions 

and they start to hate you started to look back but remembered

all enemies were once friends 

but you refuse to let them drop a brick again 

you walk away and don't know what you feel but it feels good 

better than you felt inna while so you start to demolish that wall

in the first strike you felt pride

in the second you felt confidence 

and in the third you felt trust in the last strike against the wall you were at peace .





This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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