The Pea Does Not Define Me.

Once Upon A Time

A prince too desperate in need

Used a little green pea

  To define who he thought I should be


Soaking wet on a stormy night

I looked for a place to stay

In the corner of my eye

I saw a sign: Free shelter come right this way


I was greeted by a handsome gent

But I thought, there's more than meets the eye

While observing this wonderful man

He kindly welcomed me inside


A elderly woman made her way in

She resembled the gent almost like twins

A few words spoken to each other

I quickly discovered this was his mother


I informed the two that I was royalty

The look on their faces did not show belief

But with a quick gesture I was told

Come right this way and we shall see


Upon my eyes in disbelief

Here lies a bed as big as me

20 mattresses is more than enough

I must climb a ladder just to get up


As I reached the top I laid down

Instantly felt a huge pain in my back

I tossed and turned all night

It felt as if something was in this huge stack


To get my mind off this pain

The handsome gent popped into my brain

I dreamed of what person he could be

Is he deep and thoughtful just like me


Before I knew it I saw the sunrise

Eating breakfast was the first  thing in mind

I made my way down to the kitchen

There was the gent and his mother


They asked me how was my sleep

      I said I was up all night tossing and turning

I described the bad pain in my back

          The mother screamed and made her way to the door


She came back with a pea in her hand

Saying only a real princess would understand

Quickly the gent revealed he was a prince

     He asked me to be his bride


Saying only a real princess would feel the pea

He had no choice but to marry me

Other women did not fit his taste

Too fat, or ugly, a big disgrace


But who's to say I want to marry you

Using a test like that's no proof

What does a pea really define?

Actions like that show me that you aren’t my kind


I am a beautiful dark skinned woman

I will not let a test my life define

I will not marry you prince; I’ll never be your wife

I have more to offer than what you think


There are women with great personalities

But you would rather have looks and sensitivity

Your mother agreeing with this just makes me shake

   To be saddled with a soulless prince would be a great mistake


I hope you two have learned your lesson

Women everywhere are all a blessing

I wish you well in your search

But i am not the one that you deserve


Next time I hope you will think

Women have much more to offer than your shallow needs demand

So that being said I hope you see

A pea does not define me.


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