pay nothing-keep the change

Shes poor- with a dead beat dad whom lives in the house but no connection-he stays on the coutch while mother works her ass off cleaning houses and sweeping the floors of ones whoms only problem is their maunfuctioning macbooks.

shes poor with dreams-shes in college working so hard she could build a town of workers from her one mind and soul. her dedication is stronger than Lebron James to his game, stronger than Katie Ledeckys swims to win gold. She works hard and plays hard as Wiz Kalifa parades- to get that trophy of success. 

shes poor with dreams and loans-she poops them out like twice a day, they pile like beyonces money by the second they pile just so she can achieve-so she can get that trophy so she can crawl her way out of her poverish ways-with a dead beat dad that lives on the couch with no connection and a mother cleeaning homes of the macbook pros 

shes poor with dreams and loans and now debt. She graduated highest of her class-4.0 no more no less-perfection is she, she always has been-

but none of that seemed to matter for now all that stares back at her is debt and defeat.

shes poor with no where to turn-why did she dig a deeper hole of de,bt why the hell is she paying out of her ass while the ther children in college parents make doube,


quadruple of her mother. Their parents can pay but beacuse they wrote a few right answers to the test they pass with no blood on their hands-clean-

Those kids will keep the change, the change she has been trying to achieve her entire life

the change she bust her heart for

the change that will never come

in a society like ours.


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