Paving the Way


6:50 AM and my alarm begins to buzz

Every day I rise to attend school but instead many kids my age devout their lives to drugs

Open your eyes; you may see them in the streets without any shoes on their feet

But as for me, I’ll be in the class room because I refuse to accept defeat

6:50 AM and I have to leave the comfort of my bed

It’s these decisions that I take now that will determine if I’ll have a roof over head

If you possess a strong will to achieve

Then I know just the place to help you succeed

6:50 AM, Get up students and follow me

We are heading to a place that’s going to help you pave the way

Your peers will be there waiting, sitting in desks all in a dazzling array

Here is where you decide what to make of your life

 Come on now there’s no time to delay


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