patience, for i have little if not time,
and for you i'd wait until all else fades,
until the sky cracks, falling earthward down,
and the moments stretch out into decades.
i'll rest weary bones, count each grain of sand
as one by one they traverse through the glass,
my heart shan't falter, this love never pale,
though flesh may fail me, and memories pass.
i shall stand here stoic & not once complain,
never waver nor wander, without fail
i'll be here when you awaken again,
in that i promise that I will prevail.
until then, love, dream deep, slumber sweetly,
rest easy and take so long as you need,
by your side i will remain standing guard
waiting for my phoenix, finally freed.
this is my promise, my honor, my due,
turning to dust, standing, waiting for you.


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