The Paths

She had been walking on a path for years,

So sure of where she was going,

And all of a sudden her path had split

Confusing all she had known.


She stopped and sat in between the two paths,

Hoping for some sign,

That would show her the way, so she may not stray

And end up lost in her journey forward.


While sitting at the fork in the road

Many people had passed her by,

And though she was both lost and confused,

The people were sure of which way to go.


Groups of folks went left of the fork,

But an equal amount had gone right;

She could not guess the better path

Based on what the others did.


So unsure she finally asked a person going by,

How they knew which path to take

And to her question they replied

“I am not sure; I just keep going.”


After they all had left her there,

she finally got up;

She closed her eyes and walked a path

Which one she knew not.


At the end of the path she chose

Something was waiting there;

A doubled fork in the road

With 4 paths now for her to choose from.


She did not stress, She did not complain

She knew what she had to do.

So I took a deep breath and I choose a path,

One of the many paths of life.





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