Path to Freedom

Wed, 07/30/2014 - 17:24 -- Lancer

The men are praised

When they are raised

To wear their dingy wolf masks

And bare their grimy teeth

To show the evil they have underneath

They are the ravenous animals that rule


Women have been taught to stay quiet

To be pretty like a Barbie doll and make sure they diet

That a man will fulfill them

To submit to a man’s every whim

A woman’s future is dim

A limp doll dragged and neglected

Waiting to be collected

Their eyes expressionless

Their minds nonexistent


A man goes places

He makes something of himself

A woman must settle

Settle for a slice of life

And be a proper wife

Sex, children, and old age await her

Life has passed in a blur


But I challenge this world

To mold me into that

Into their ideal woman

I have set my course

Which I will force

No chains shall shackle me

For the world has more to offer

More than a simple minded man


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