Path to a Cure

Wed, 04/30/2014 - 22:58 -- maktiw


Failure is not an option, as my soul has been catapulting towards this dream since I could mutter the first words of my existence.

I'll leave my carbon footprint in the healthcare industry as someone who actually sat down with each client with a plethora of options that leaves them in control.  


Control that has been constantly taken away from us

Control that needs to have its place to breathe

out all the dust clogging its insides

It suffocates those who don’t see

that the industry is more than just a place for bills

both charged and taken


There's an evolution at hand that I will be a part of

To help the forsaken


The title Osteopath won’t lay graciously at my feet.

 I’ll shred at my brain until make it complete


But I’ll go farther

with a background in Nutrition

with studies in Herbology

basically furthering my education past the average western manmade medical technology


I’ll mix the black and white so I can finally take in color.

Then I’ll project it onto those who are worn out from the others.


Like wildfire, this method would spread to all the medical leaders .

This would then move on to public researchers.


The wonders of the world would become fully unleashed to all that could behold its fine glory, leaving behind no traces of dread.

Laughter would erupt out of the decaying depths of the bodies of everyone who’s sickness was getting the best of them, curing the incurable.


They’d paint the world with exotic flamboyance

Rejoicing in the exhilarating experience of finally being buoyant


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