Wise words spoken from the man who preaches the word of Jesus Christ, Our Lord,

In which we aim to find our strength and sanity,

 To believe in what will be and what can be.

But words cannot take away the pain of the embedded fear that’s tucked away in our brain.

Like that box in the closet wrapped up in chains,

Searching for life’s unanswered questions

While screaming in vain.

You say we are all God’s children, in which after this

We will live with no pain

So then why must you make us play this silly game?

For if there were a God

Why put us through this suffering

And leave us with our thoughts,

And our minds constantly


But I’ll take this bread, if what you say is his body.

Then let me drink that wine

I promise I won’t tell any body.

For these endless thoughts that seem to go nowhere.

I’ll take this moment

Sit back

And say a prayer.


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