The Past Tomorrow

Thu, 03/28/2013 - 23:34 -- eileend


United States
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Blind in the eyes of god is the color of our skin
And who said you were in charge of deciding where I eat, drink, watch a movie, sit on a bus?
You think we’re dif-fer-rent but we’re all-the-same
And my life is a joke because of my color. My name.
No longer do we wait in the back for a chance to move forward
And no longer do you get to decide where our futures lie
Because NOW is the time when we make the decision to not stand DOWN
We have the right to be treated fairly and live a life where we’re not scared
To be shot down or beaten down or kicked out of a theater or restaurant
Or to even look at someone wrong because who knows who would pull the race card next?
And I want to look to the future and know there’s going to be hope… and equality
And my children can finally live a life of equality
And even if I’m gone before then I want them to remember the hurdles we overcame
But never ever do I want them to KNOW the hurdles we overcame
Someday we will all be the same in the people’s eyes
And we the people of the minorities from below
Will rise.

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