Past Reminders

Dear me:

By the time you read this, you will be writing this.

Consider this an inspirational reminder.


Once upon a time, there was me

Small, creative, loving, and free; and only occasionally annoying

But when it came to people I felt a dark cloud wash over me

The more I pay attention the more it felt like a sea of despair

Hard to get rid of so I left it there

Still unaware it would manifest

Into something greater and more disastrous.


Joined a school

And the clouds were lifted

They were beautiful

Yeah, the talented and “gifted.”

But I was not gifted

I was just another face in the crowd

Thrown in the deep end

Their voices were loud and demanded to be heard

Not a word would be said by the quiet girl in the deep end.

I started hating life and convinced myself to stop living

It seemed unfair how I was so unforgiving

Towards myself and nobody else

Never intending to cry for help


I created a statement:

It takes a certain amount of strength to recognize your flaws

and an even greater amount to conquer them


It is my recognition and testament against

Self-loathing and unknowing

Of what my, or anyone’s self worth really is.


What I went through is not just me

It's my family and community

It is all of us until the very end

Because something we fail to realize

Is that we all just need a reason.

A will to live and serve a purpose for the greater good.

Because if you don't, there wouldn't be any more you's that would.


I am a human being.

A story.

My own inspiration.

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