Past and Present me

Mon, 04/22/2019 - 18:34 -- Kay_Po

Past me
You were weak
you could barely speak
you were shy and timid and so meek
Every person you met you always had to please
You grew up wrapped in your own anxiety
They I love you's
I know what's best for you
were starting to break you down
because the
"I love you's" were turning into
"You don't love me"
and the "I know what's best for you"
was turning into
"You better listen only to me"
Was something that you were so use to
You didn't care about your appearance
as long as you were comfortable
You would listen to everyone's opinion
But yours didn't matter tho
you tried to force relationships out of people
who weren't doing the same
you were crazy and look down upon because
your emotions, you couldn't tame
Now that you are older
You didn't just glow up on the outside
but a flame grew in you on the inside
you are much more passionate
you don't let people's words define you
Yes it's going to take a lot of hurt and healing
to get back to the old happier you
But the more I look in the mirror
I can see a queen breaking her way through
The more I look at my past
and say thank you cause now i see
that the shy, weak, broken girl
glowed to be what is now
present me

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