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Did the end of inequality start in Vermont in 1777 or
Did it start in at the end of the first month in 1865. Can we
put a date to the day when people realized civil disobedience was
Necessary for civil rights. Rights were what we were after, maybe the
Beginning was on March 1, 1875 when the Civil Rights Act was passed. Past
were the days when my people were ,by law, forced to look down when in the presence of the white man, or enter from the back of a public building. Building blocks were laid for the greats to walk. Walk on Washington, Main Street, Wallstreet, or all streets. How far have we come from Plessy v. Ferguson. How far have we come since Jim Crow. We have raced from disfranchisement.
We have come so far from the lynching of our fathers, the pillaging of our villages, the
injustices that have Caused so much distress and so much grief. Civil rights. The
inalienable rights of nations citizens to political, social, and economic freedom.
We have come so far. We have overcome so many obstacles. We
Have so much more that we can accomplish. We fought and
Died for our rights. As citizens we deserve equality. This
Social movement has no expiration, no end date. We will
Continue to fight and continue to win back what was taken
From us. All of our civil rights await us at the
End of our struggle, at the end of our

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