The power of passion or
The passion for power
Which guides you, which drives you
To your final hour
To Which view point would you point
if asked how you flower
would one or the other
cause you to cower?

the power of passion
can move you to new heights
allow you to take flight
or wake in the night
overflowing with energy
electricity, new ways to be
it allows you to see
your life as just right

the passion for power
is a dangerous love
always hungry and craving
nothing can be enough
it is primed for a fight
a lonely enterprise
it blinds you, it binds you
makes you think youre above

Both can drive you to change
And open your eyes
Give you opportunity
Or be simply a guise
One can fill up your heart
And the other your mind
Both exist in your world
But which path will you find



follow your heart!

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