The Passion within an Aphrodite

Wed, 10/02/2019 - 10:47 -- Yunabix

She was one to feign love
Often seen with many lovers,
Leaving one after another yearning
For both her "love" and touch

Her beauty left most breathless,
Entrancing enough to ask for a simple dance
Small jolts of uprising confidence within men
Seemed to be from her words and gestures

However, the feign love that was once spoken of
was not false after all
Her heart desired for the feeling of love
To be loved by one who was not her lover

She was unsatisfied with her situation
Her want to spread and share love was misunderstood
But yet she was worshipped as if she were a goddess

But she went through many lovers
Only to end up to never be loved
She would never be satisifed
And he would never be satisfied as well.



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