The Passion of Poetry

From Robert Frost to Tupac Shakur,

Poetry means a lot and more.

Rooted into the songs we play,

sprouting into the movies we see,

the words of shakepeare we say,

it all stems from the same tree.

That's the Passion of Poetry.


Romeo and Juliet,

A timeless tale not through yet.

Told almost 400 years ago,

2014, the last it was seen.

Somethings never grow old,

though the pages may wrinkle in between. 

That's the Passion of Poetry.


Even now I add to the list,

many more will come after this.

The people listen like a bat in the dark,

to the sounds that soothe and spark. 

Spark the minds of the young,

to be what I have become. 

Many still will soon to be,

That's the Passion of Poetry.

This poem is about: 
Our world



A poem about how poetry affects me along with the world. Along with the evolution of poets.

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