Passion for People

Can’t we all just get along
Rodney King I often wonder the same thing
We thought racism was over
When we had a black President
But since the last election
We’ve all been way too hesitant to admit
“That you know what?
We swept prejudice under the rug”
An American scab that we all share that should’ve healed
And right when we pick at it 
There’s blood
In the streets of black lives and blue lives
Thinking we’re on different sides
But we’re on the same team
But the media’s smokescreen of white lies
Covers the scene at the crime
A simple band-aid can not stop this bleeding 
Some say in time it’ll get better
But some of us won’t even take the time to understand each other

To understand each other we must know our history
Minorities have been placed at a disadvantage
So deep
To advance means to grind against statistics
After slavery was abolished
Segregation crept in
People wondering if it’d be better to move back in with master again
Because sharecropping wasn’t enough to make ends 
Slaughtered to the bone just by wanting to vote
Selma Alabama gave hope but it was costly
Once we could vote we realized 
“Oh yeah, some of us are middle class but others are still broke”
The yolk of poverty institutionalized a toxic environment
That wasn’t meant for us to thrive
In education minorities still perform at a low
Compared to our majority counterparts
I wonder
If the teachers’ hearts are in it for the children
Or do they worry more about their profits
Real teachers understand their profit is to prophecy
Life into their students to become the leaders they are
All people are from perfect
But we’re all worth it
Failure in education leads to failure outside of class
If a 3rd grader can’t read then statistically eventually
The jail cell is what they crash
Continuing the cycle of minorities filling jails and prisons
Not for their own benefit but the institutions’
To make money simply off a statistic
These prisons don’t see 3rd graders they see future prisoners
Therefore it is very important to learn
But even more to teach
So our kids can be leaders
And not feeders
To a system that chronically condemns them

Some may think
Why try when there’s no American pride in the Red
That represents the bloodshed of this modern day Civil War
The white that represents our blank faces
When we see another American die 
Because we’ve become so desensitized after a few casualties
Casually flicking through channels
And the blue
That represents the water we’re 
Content with drowning in because it is too
Uncomfortable to help ourselves as we help each other to swim
Why try?
Because of the stars that we look up to while drowning 
That give us an idea of what could be
You see?
All of this could be if we just got along
After reaching to make an effort to understand
We can focus on solutions
But our human nature to not execute is our downfall
Maybe because none of us are willing enough to change ourselves
We can legislate laws so we don’t count as 3/5ths
But we can’t legislate the heart
The heart is where revolution starts 
So we must be willing to set our differences apart 
And focus on executing change in our hearts 
For the benefit of all
It should be our plan as Americans to take each other by the hand and realize
When we’re enemies of ourselves
All we’ll do is fall
Unable to pick each other up
Because chances are we’ll both be down
Black, white, brown, yellow, and everything in between
Peace and harmony is what it means to be an American to me
So can we get along?

This poem is about: 
Our world


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerfully expressed! Hope you keep writing your mind and heart! Please keep sharing! 

Also there is an urgent matter to end modern day slavery today is national anti traficking day. Let us end world slavery, go sign the petition to make congress act. Look up International Justice Mission. 

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