passing the torch

passing the torch 

was suppose to be sacred

from Moses passsing on the torch to Joshua in honoring the old covenant aka the ten commandments

older dudes were passing weed around smoked from the 1st man to the next man

Jesus was passing the torch by teaching the disciples for three years

the passing of the knowledge and wisdom that we needed to have was denied

older dudes were passing the torch of having sex with one chick to the next when they all has sex with her

and passed her on like hot potatoes

yet you raise your nose up and look down like you're better

I remember seeing your nose looking down sniffing coke

you're the biggest joke

what you said wasn't true

your lips was busy turning blue

and you want me to respect you

how can I respect you

and your definiton of passing the torch was stashing drug money away

yet you sntiched on me and i end up going away up north

you were suppose to teach me in the ways of The Lord

but instead you were teaching me in your ways of putting your hands on my mom

I was going to kill you bro

but then I'll be part of that generational curse

I'll break that generational curse in Jesus name

its not too late

Psalm 78 reminds us

"which we have heard and known and our fathers have told us"

"we will not hide them from our children"

"telling to the generation to come the praises of the Lord"

" and His strength and His wonderful works that he has done"

"For He established a testimony in Jacob"

"and appointed a law in Israel"

"which He commaned of our fathers"

"that they should make known to their children"

"that the generation to come might know them"

"the children who would be born"

"that they may arise and declare them to their children"

"that they may set their hope in God"

"and not forget the works of God"

"but keep His commandments"

"and may not be like their fathers"

"a stubborn, and rebellious generation, a generation that did not set its heart aright"

"and whose spirit was not Faithful to God"

it's not our fault that we came out of our mom's womb

whether it was natural, c-section, or even a crack baby coming out a mother's crackhead body

no child was ever ask to be born

don't you condemn us for our screw ups, we learned it from you grown folks

y'all didn't teach me about Jesus

that's not my fault the streets became my disciple

it's all good

this generation will know my name 

as the one leading them to THE ONE


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Our world
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ValanThia VV

Wow I got chills... GOD IS ALWAYS GOOD and nothing happens without purpose for his glory

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MVP-Most Valuable Poet



I have a YouTube channel call "MVP-Most Valuable Poet Ministry"

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