Passing Period

Wed, 05/29/2013 - 15:33 -- Chiconc


United States
35° 11' 45.132" N, 106° 41' 38.328" W

Walking through the halls I watch
The faces of peers passing by
Their faces showing disdain or boredom
Or joy at the prospect of passing period.

I walk quickly and dodge them
With both hands in my pockets but not
For reasons commonly believed:
Hands in pockets convey lack of confidence.

Confidence shines bright in halls, yes
But no, it was like Alexie said: we walk
With hands in our pockets because
We have something to lose.

In the halls I walk and watch the faces
Of students who’ve lost, found or are searching
For something to put in their pockets
For something to try not to lose.


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