Pas onto Cloud Nine

I walk around with flat feet; everything average as could be. 

I think to myself, what else could I see? 

Fulfillmemt is needed in my feet. 

I need to move to a rhythm and beat. 

I walk in the studio and pull out my points. 

Wrapping the pink laces up my ankles, while stretching my joints. 

I find a litte courage as I relevè onto my toes. 

My perspective changes as I elevate my pose. 

Spotting the front wall, I turn and twirl. 

Experiencing the perspective of a young girl. 

Innocents and joy moving through my body as I dance. 

I can't stop moving as I go into a trance. 

The world around me blossoms like a butterfly springing out of its cocoon.

My heart rushes as I dance to the tune.

Finally my feet become worn and tired. 

However, I am still filled with glee and inspired. 

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