Party Drugs

Mon, 08/11/2014 - 20:27 -- asianme


Party all night. Party Drugs? 
I never knew how life would turn out
As I took a whiff of this so called love
Love is a drug; part of me always had
I was always out there 
Overdosed and distraught
Not even once did i think
That love is a drug that falls
Love is a drug and I’m just a guy
Who Took a whiff and fell in love
But I can’t let this happen again
Because now I see how my heart breaks apart
Love is a drug that you whiff 
It lets you fly away in a melded reality
As it fixes the idea of loneliness,
It breaks apart the heart at its crack
Drug overdosed; love comatose 
Love is a drug and I’m just a guy
Who Took a whiff and fell in love 
Should I go back to reality?
Or take this one way street to heartbreak
Love is an odd feeling
But Love is just another faulty dream 
I hope someone rescues me from this drug
I need not another love junkie to love
I need a hero/heroine with me
Not another heroin hit love


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