"Parting with my favorite doll"

I try to hold on to my doll.

She is so fragile still.

I brushed her hair, can't let her fall.


I'm deep in dreams, then hear the call

Of Mom, "The food will chill!"

I try to bring along my doll.


With her I go to towers tall - 

Princess on window-sill -

Rapunzel! I won't let her fall.


I can't quite when or why recall

What or who did kill

My urge to bring along my doll!


I learned to let go, run, not crawl - 

Joy in a bitter pill.

I want to give away my doll.


To give is better, all in all;

Besides, I'm dreaming still!

I hope she'll hold on to that doll

And brush her hair, won't let her fall.



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