Part of the Lost Generation

I am an undefined nature, a creative heart that gives love.
I am a misunderstood human being with a beautiful mind.
I am a powerful black woman that fights for the freedom and justice of others.
I am a lover of poetic writings, the power of words that justify something significant, and the power of an Intelligent Black Educated Woman.
I am someone who feels love of both a mother and father, pain of the lost worlds that is beyond our own realm, and desires of a lonely heart that has sacrificed everything to make things right.
I crave the intellect of powerful words that can’t be determined by oneself, the racisms of the diverse cultures to end, and hope for the better future.
I am someone who gives a friend without a home a place to dwell within, significant promises to those who can only dream, and love to those who have never encountered the willing love of another.
I am someone who fear that the excuses of our incompetent generation will use them to build monument of nothingness and that they will dwell on them; preventing themselves from succeeding, losing those in which I love and care for, and the generation that is blinded by the likes of greed and infidelity.
I am someone who lives in a world that is understood as violent, hated, and unloved.
I am part of the lost generation.

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