A Part Of Her

As her soul lifted from her and flew above the clouds, It quickly came to me that she would be gone forever. Leaving only memories and my heart to sorrow and feel an overwhelming pain. I remember you walking into my room everyday giving me a big smile and saying I love you. And I always noticed this necklace she had on and she never seemed to have taken it off. The bright shine it gave off as you stood in my doorway, with the sun hitting your face giving you the appearance of an angel. I asked "When could I have this necklace that she seemed to love so dearly and hold so close to her heart". She replied with "The day I fly off into the sky and leave this earth, you can have it as a memory, better yet just to let you know that I am still here and close to your heart, protecting your every move, keeping you away from the dark and steering you into the light, because once this necklace is yours I know that we will never part". Ever since the day she has parted from this earth I continue to wear this necklace everyday. Wearing this necklace makes me think of you day to day, wondering how it would be if you were still here with me. She was the reason I became who I am, guiding me through life she had me in the psalm of her hands. She promised to never let me go and with this necklace I know that she'll always be around to keep my head up and never let me down. Until the day we meet again, I'll never take this necklace off, until I see your face again I know you'll always be close to my heart.

This poem is about: 
My family


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