Parks of Color


United States
33° 37' 44.382" N, 112° 8' 13.416" W

There they stood so proud with roses at their feet, sunshine glimmering down,
everywhere they looked they could see the beauty of all colors except one,
as she entered the bus, wheels going round,
she knew she was not allowed, she knew she had to do this for everyone.
Back to the bus, as it was,
she needed not to be apart of them,
but she saw that seat in front of the bus,
and proudly sat, and would not budge.
Though they yelled, though they shouted,
she stood her ground,
she stood her ground.
Through the fields of black and white not yet meshed together,
this one simple woman was tall and made us stand together,
now many years has passed and we wonder how far we've come,
through her grace and tenure we together built a new arc,
what was her name, what was her name?
Oh yes, she was Rosa Parks.

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