Your children are an object of you
Parents you have a major influence on your children's lives  more than you will ever know
For what they remember you cannot control

Parents don't leave your little girl with just anybody
You will fuck up and leave your lil girl with a fake cousin from a fake aunt that's very touchy feely
His specialty is dry humping and your lucky that's all it is
Damn near every encounter her body was his

Parents don't voice your concerns on how your having trouble paying the bills
Your poor lil girl will think she is a burden
As for her existence she is uncertain

Parents don't fight in front of your children
Your lil girl will remember the day daddy hit mommy in the head with a blow dryer
Mother's headache lasted awhile
She will remember the day mommy wanted to do her hair
But one of the blow dryers wasn't working
She shook the broken one near her ear as part of an examination
The screws danced in rotation

Parents don't stay together for the kids
They can see and hear the unhappiness
Your lil girl cries at night reminiscing about the days when life was carefree
She yearns for some glee to fill the void
She will grow up thinking that everything that is broken will forever be destroyed

Parents don't miss out on your children's interests
Take your ass to every game, dance performance, and track meet
What's better a seat in the crowd or on the opposite side of a glass?

Parents don't shelter your kids too much
You must understand you make the child but not the path they choose
It is up to us what we want out of life whether we win or lose

Parents don't have extremely high expectations
Just because some genius pre teen you saw on the news has already graduated college does not mean that life is for me
Don't belittle her
Just because your previous children were fucks up don't wait for your lil girl to follow suit
How is that supposed to motivate your lil girl?

So parents don't just don't


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