Parental Motivation


sometimes i sit and wonder why kids try their best in class,

to have a future, to get good grades, or maybe only pass,

well here it is now, let me lay it to you straight,

it is more important to make our parents proud of us,

then give them grades to make them faint.


impressing your own parents is like impressing the world,

theres no better feeling i'll tell you that for sure,

I'm very positive they'll be proud long after this,

when i send them off on an all expenses paid European tour.


if that does not go as planned, i know they'll love me no matter what

because my mom went through 9 months with me in her gut

i've known before birth that i wanted nothing more,

than to always have my parents by my side, therefore...


i'm not saying i'm the best, im not even close,

but i know i have love from my head to my toes






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