Pardon Me

My arms are reaching out,
My mind is screaming for an answer,
My soul stepped out,
My thoughts ran away too,
My bitter heart is the only thing left standing,
Free from the world that is kept within I can only go so far,
My leash is at its end,
My collar is too snug,
The air I'm breathing is filled with sorrow,
Stress and anxiety are what fill my thoughts,
Grief and insanity are what fill the air around me,
Cling to me and I'll only shatter,
Put me at ease and I'll only begin to break down,
I'm breaking mentally,
I'm beyond drained physically,
I have no emotions to show,
Begin to show me affection and I'll only give you a stoic expression,
Leave me in my untrained manner and I'll show you proper composure,
I will sustain,
I will survive. 


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