When everything around me is dark and meaningless

Yet on the inside I feel a burning brightness

My emotions so strong

So incendiary


That they light my heart on fire 

And the smoke rises up, clouding my mind

I silently struggle


Searching for a release

But when it comes to speaking my vulnerabilities

My mouth is a closed off chimney

That not even a Christmas miracle can open up

So how can I vent

When the vents in the home of my mind are sealed


When I began to write

I had finally opened up an outlet that cleared my head

The cool, refreshing ink taught me how to put out the wildfires of my heart


The parched paper has a thirst for prose

A thirst only quenched by the blood, sweat, and tears within the ink of my being

Raw emotion

I attempt to transfer it to the pen

Relieving myself of the pain and tattooing it forever on the paper

The fire from within me causes the words on the paper to glow

Shedding a guiding light in the darkness and confusion of my world

This poem is about: 
Our world


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