The Paradox

Knowledge is power

Yet ignorance is bliss

From knowledge, some cower

And to ignorance kiss


Some call knowledge wisdom

But that cannot be true

Because it is by knowledge 

That the ignorant are used


The ignorant fool, it is said,

Must take intellect

Because knowing in the head

Is for society's best


But too often, the knowing in head

Separates the heart behind wisdom

And so true wisdom is slaughtered, dead

And the image of knowledge has risen

To such a point that all aspire

To have that which makes society whole

All the long, tiresome while

Ignoring that they've made in themselves a hole



So who's really ignorant?

Is it the one called "fool"?

Or the caller?

This poem is about: 
Our world



That's a good one.

Garrett Thomas

'Preciate that you actually read me.

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