Papers: What caused us to have to write letters on paper.

To My European Staring at the Stars,


The only way a bit of me will ever lay in your hands again,

is a letter from me to you.


Sticking on the return address at the top,

so when you hear my name down the road you never question who.


The love, the final shove, the hate, the endless debate, the tears, the fears,

every word is part of the story we laid down,


The post box it will land in belongs no longer to us,

last week I finally left your continent, your country, your town.


I can no longer picture us at every cafe, corner, or park,

I want to be in the space that we knew was ours.


They took me away before I could fill the space with what I needed to say,

now I'll scream endless sweet nothings meant for you to the stars.


I sealed this envelope of secrets with wax and a softly planted kiss,

just remember no matter the miles it will always be you that I miss.


Forever burned into my brain will our memories stay,

I'm so sorry that I couldn't do the same. 


My visa was taken and so were my rights leading to me to taking flights,

that's how it goes when we don't share the same last name.


Forever loving you in every language and place.


Your Lover Screaming into Space










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