Pandora's Inbox

They told me not to open the email,

but I watched as the numbers had grown.

It started at 0 and now there was 50 alone.

They told me something bad would happen,

If I let my curiouslity grow

but now theres 100 and I'm about to overflow.

Look as those numbers rise!

I wonder what they have to say?

I don't think it would be unwise,

at least I'd hope anyways.

They told me NO, they said it was forbidden,

that those emails can hold disastrous burdens.

There highlighted and bold,

was more emails than I could hold,

1,000 of them progressed and lied.

But now they started to triple

and my heart started to criple

and I swear a bit of me died inside.

I can't let them rise any longer!

I must open them all!

That was a huge mistake,

I should have listened after all.

That those emails hold great disasters

that would come from my fall.

Oh, how could I have done this again?

I though I learned from the first.

but clearly I didn't learn anything,

or maybe I might be cursted.


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Our world
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