If you ever peep your window pain and spot a silhouette,
I know it seems a little odd, but do not freak out quite yet,
Don't be alarmed, or quick to judge, and don't put up a fight, 
Cause with his charm, and a little trust, you'll take a ride tonight,
Although by ground you will not go cause then you could be traced,
And do not trust his "pixie dust" I hear that stuff is laced
So take his hand if you dare and soar off into the sky,
But This bad news I hate to bare, you're probably gonna die, 
You see this man is infamous for preying on the young,
Sorry to say but it's too late, there is no place to run
My true regards I bid to you, for that is all I can,
because once you fly with this strange guy,
They say you never land


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