Painted Upon a Page

Painted Upon a Page my unspoken words sit.

Sour and horrid are their meanings... deeper than I would like to admit.

I began creating these broken stories once I entered the hallowed halls of the building where I was meant to earn an education

Instead, I earned depression and enemies. 

So here as I began to struggle with the conflict and bitterness life seemed to push my way...

I started to tear into a page what my feelings tore into my mind

Sometimes breathless.

Sometimes soaring.

Sometimes numb.

No matter how I felt, these words that seemed to glide onto the page lifted away whatever strife was left in me.

And this is why I never quit. 

My unspoken words shout out more than the ones escaping my lips. 

My pen is mightier than any sword. 

And Painted Upon a Page are my words, gilded with the beauty of my mind. 


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