The Pain Behind Dope Eyes.

Fri, 05/17/2013 - 15:03 -- lexiakb


United States
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When you see my light brown eyes, you see beauty.
When I look into the mirror, I see pain.
Deep pain that wants to tear me apart and make me insane everyday.
Pain that wants me to detach from the world and live alone forever.
The type of pain that puts the fear of love in my heart.
The pain thats in my eyes when I look at you.
The pain tthat only ends as we get to know each others souls.
The pain that keeps us close, you close to me, close to my heart.
The pain that makes me shy to undwind and open my mind to you.
The pain that makes me jealously crazy over you.
The pain that makes you and I Beautiful.
The pain thats hidden in the deep woods and forests behind my gorgeous brown eyes and forever in the back of my mind.

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