Pain is a beautiful person,

Mon, 03/23/2015 - 14:11 -- kfloyd

Pain is a beautiful person, place or thing.

You never know what you’re getting into

Until the blood starts to stain

Your tears begin to rain.

Whoever knew pain could give you bliss

The same mouth that bites you

Plants a tender kiss

On the bruises stamped into your beautiful skin

But what hides within? A tortured soul.


Life is pain.

It brings you strength, but only once a day

So you must cherish it

Don’t let this slip away

from your grasp, your sweet touch.

Don’t let the harm you

Or take too much

of you that makes you smile

From dirt floors to marble tile.


Stand your ground

don’t show your frown.

Be the Woman who’ll make you proud.



This thing may make you weep

Tossing and turning in you sleep

Going days with nothing to eat.

But baby, it’s all just a phase.

The clouds will open up

And tomorrow a new day to laugh and smile and change

Change the pain

Love the pain

For pain is a part of you.

I would know, it’s a part of me too.

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