I wish the existence of pain was non-existential and the person in pain could get better just with words.
Maybe it's merely impossible but it's a goal that can be halfway accomplished.
Subjectively, Pain may be superficial or deep but what Pain actually is ? It's something that can't be categorized,
it's that ache in the hardest corner of heart, that sound of breaking of world of trust made up of mirrors , It's the fall of a soul from the cliff of eternal height, It's the flame that keeps one burning alive; all at the same time.
There's processing of pain perception in brain but the pain is processed in surrounding nearby ourselves.
We lose each other in the world of games to bestow each other with maximal amount of pain.
That's realistic and totally bizarre how pain leads to deadly death from heavenly life.
If not here then somewhere else, i know a soul is crying.

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