The new year began, just like the same.

Us sisters together, with nothing to gain.

Then came a boy, who tore us apart.

A boy you loved with all of your heart.

Forgotten was I, among other things

Lost and alone, the pain still stings.

Tried as I might, the pain wouldn’t end.

So, I gave up on friends.


With emotions forgotten, I carried on.

As far as I knew, I was gone.

Then one day my life was changed

I met a boy who felt the same.

Together we talked, all through the day.

I felt in my heart that he would stay.


Days turned to months and love showed no bounds.

I can still hear those bell sounds.

The year soon came to an end,

But I found a boyfriend.

Now happy I am and happy I’ll stay.

For the pain went away.

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