He told me my eyes tell stories and so does my heart. He told me my spirit is a 

bandage but on the inside i'm a work of art with a captivating smile that shine 

bright like the sun in the sky , as i hide my pain my mind slowly dies .He said my

mind is trap but my soul is free a visioning a vision of what a better life could be .

He said i dream of a fairytale picking a better view hoping one day i release some

stress make my dreams come true.What can this lonely girl do trapped in this world

all alone her feelings play mind games with her but she steady click her heels and

say there is no place like home .Other people may only see a smile but inside she

hurt trying to find the inner beauty knowing that her value is worth. More than 

jewelry and diamonds life on earth is priceless;her guardian angels steady teaches 

the spiritual road of guidance. Her love is pure like a palm tree on an island in the

garden of flowers,roses and voilets.She learns to calm her spirit as her gaurdian 

angel guides,showing her the elements of a better tactic no matter how many 

times the earth despite her.

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