I don't know how to start this

It consumes my thoughts and here lately kept me distracted

I can't focus, fighting for control

Bringing me to me knees

The memories coming back all too clear-

Standing in front of the door

Scared, knowing what is going to happen, it won't stop

The door opening, begging "Please don't do it"

He won't care

Pinning me down, starting the pain that won't stop

Can't get away, trapped

Pushing fighting needing help

No one's there no one cares

No one to hear my soul be taken away

Leaving me on the floor

Helpless and hurting

Hating myself

It's gone and he won't care-

That's the memory that haunts my these few months

Everytime it comes back

I curl into a ball and let the memory take over

Letting the Pain control me

Unable to stop it

Each time it getting worse

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