Pacific Chambermaids

He controls us remotely

Say we don’t want it but we do

He says get up and work eight hours

Workers rise and commute

Woody Allen controlling us all

We are duplicates under his command

He tells a joke or plays a sax

A doorman opens the entrance to the plant

We clock in

No need for a bed Woody Law says

Sleep where you stand Woody wakes you

You’re done controlling yourself

Woody controls everything

But art yes there he lets you fly

But first sign the release form saying he gets

All the credit and the royalties to your jazz

No Worry Woody they call him

Children don’t get it

They control the adults including Woody Newspaper lies Woody’s stamp approves Headlines claim he’s a dirty man no one really gives Woody control won’t last

See Joe Pesci rising through the ranks

Joe controls the west now

Woody doesn’t know

Pacific chambermaids beat you up

That’s thanks to Joe






This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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