Preambles of perfection;

Indoctrinated in us at our youth-
Passively they'll tell you:
 It's all untrue.
Parents, proud, praise their children-
Peers, purposely mangle the truth.
Protesting our perfection, 
As if they have something to prove.
Peculiarly perpendicular, 
To the values of the past.
They tell us we're worthless;
Prescribe us as trash.
But why do you so prevalently pervade?)
Whom placed you as pilot?
As arbiter?
We are not your slaves-
You cannot pillage our peace,
Rob our sweet-nothings away!
You perspire at the prospect of what we could have been)
You feed on our pride to stifle our plans)
Like a blood transfusion.
You live on the portions we provide;
We should pity you- 
You're hardly alive.
So you perniciously pull us back-
Back to the pit from whence you came;)
Picking, piggishly polishing off 
Our remains.)
We have been ordained to survive, to thrive,)
But we have been paralyzed.
Paralyzed by poison 
Your poison is your prose-
Took us back to your web to drain  us dry).
Pucker up;
Suck, suck, suck;
The last pigments of our skin's color give way)
To placid purples and venerable grays)
As we fade away.
You expect us to believe your slipshod comments)?
Fall prey to the press of the spiteful and pompous?)
Pray your prey stays away from the light),
Away from the promises jaded by night).
For the sun proclaims:
"Peace, princesses and poppersalike,
Sing songs of life,
Shed your strife!"
Our knives of tinninbulation will cut-
Through the chains of mental oppression like butter)
There will be no need to remind ourselves),
Confide to ourselves,
Reflect to ourselves 
Our perfection will resound
And we will simply know.
Know that we are perfection.
For when we consume the sun
And drink the sea.
We will begin see.
Who we are, who we're meant to be.
We are as  passionate as the sun,
More relentless than the briny deep;
We aren't meant to be defeated.
We are invincible.


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