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I call the ocean my home
The body of blue, grey and green
capped in white
A constant in my years of adolescence.
Really, I know it no more than I know myself
And I must ask, how an entity so unconquerable
So unresponsive to all but the moon
Is more familiar than my own teeth and bones?
'It has never been touched',
the seabirds remind me,
'as you have been'
The ocean pays no heed to human existence,
as you do.
The sea is an ebb and flow,
You are a crescendo.
The sea is only your home because you know
its colours, its habits
You are so much more.

So paint me blue! I say
I scream, I beg
Make me untouchable!
Make me unconquerable!
Protect your child
From a storm that will wreck her.
My words are not enough
To save myself in a hurricane.
I am not good enough,
I am not powerful enough,
I am not heard
But you are your poetry, I hear it sung
Your poetry is in your fingertips,
your hair,
the breath on your lips.
You are your language,
You are the ocean and its song.
You are not blue,
But you are enough.
You are enough.
You are

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Our world


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