I walk the school walkways with my head held high,

Tough and fierce, they know that I mean business

I defy the stereotypes

You’re a cheerleader? But you have a four-point-oh GPA!

There must be a mistake

Make no mistake about it, I clearly see the road ahead.

The road has been good to me and I rest,

For the path I follow will lead me to a perch up high.


Busyness breeds sleeplessness, and the regular

Caffeine splurges, yet I hunt

For the best in myself, in others.

Make no mistake about it; behind this blonde hair and these blue eyes

And these hair bows, and field turf burns is a real person

With drive

And with passion

And with heart and soul, and though I may not show it,

A person with delicate feelings exists within these features


Achieving drives out doubt, right?

Doubt in oneself, in one’s abilities,

But make no mistake because though I seem harmless

The black belt I earned in Tae Kwon Do

Remains relevant

Make no mistake that I can move mountains without so much as lifting a hand

Because I am a cheerleading, lacrosse-playing, warrior-goddess

And I could rule the world someday

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