I once heard someone say that relationships are a lot like

Emotional rollercoasters.

Sure looks fun, but those hills are treacherous, aren't they?

Adrenaline. Anxiety.


Butterflies in your stomach awake

With your quick intake of breath

As you see him pass by.

However, he is not your personal oxygen tank,

Nor are you his.

Sickening. Suffocating.


No one ever said it would be easy

But relationships aren't supposed to be painful.

Love is a gentle ember that warms the delicate furnace of your heart and soul.

Love is not supposed to burn you to ashes.

Blistering. Bewildering. 


I once heard someone say "don't play with fire"

Yet, you can't help it.

You never realize how much the smoke is blinding you, choking you.

Caution. Complex.


If only you knew how much it pains me, to see you everyday

The flames consuming you ever so slowly

But every time I reach out to you

You can only tell me how much you love him, how much he loves you.

And yet, I still reach out to you.

Desperate. Dizzy.


Today, he scorched your sanity

Making you feel worse than the ash that has gathered at the pit of your soul.

Phoenixes are reborn from ash.

I will nurture you until you soar higher than the blazing sun.

Rebirth. Resilient.


I will give you the space to spread your glorious wings.

I will not fight fire with fire because I know

That fire cannot live without oxygen. 

Optimistic. Overjoyed. 

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Our world


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