Owner of A Shattered Dream and A Broken Heart

Her heart aches so much that she doesn’t know how she’s going to make it through the night

Without hearing his voice, feeling his touch, without him by her side


She wonders how she will be able to make it through the day

What more to speak to him about, what words to say


She met him on an online game

And his new lover he found the same


She suspected him cheating but let that thought pass her by

Until she heard it from his lips stopping her heart and stopping time


So she gave him the choice to choose who it was going to be

Because neither of them want a relationship of three


That girl demanded for him, she only pleaded

Because after a year of being with him, he was what she wanted and needed


He came up with excuses, he questioned her love

But yet he hid her in secret when he promised things would be taken care of


She asked “other than the game you and her play what is it about her?”

He responded, “I don’t know but her and she were similar”


He claims her of adding to his guilt and it’s hard for him to choose

Because to him either way he’ll lose


But what about she, the one who will either lose her boyfriend to a stranger or stay by his side knowing full well that she only has half his heart

Does he not notice this painful truth is eating away, tearing her apart?


In the depth of her breaking heart though, one thing became perfectly clear

That if he truly loved her he would do everything in his power to hold on to what he holds dear


So with a heavy heart she carried out the greatest act of love, and chose to let him go

Because her perfect man is no longer perfect and the way it was going to end she and him both know


So now he is with her and she is with no one

Both sad and glad that she did everything a good girlfriend, despite her distance, could have done


But that girl can’t hold a candle to a woman it’s a title she wasn’t given, it was earned

And if she dare try to hold a candle to her, then she is going to get burned


Even so, she doesn’t want that girl to suffer like herself, but she can never call him when she wants to

And because she lives further away than her there will be a ton of things that they still cannot do


And she’ll never be known by his friends or his family

And no matter how understanding, patient, and similar she claims and he wishes her to be,

That girl that he’s with now isn’t and will never be me


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