Own Your Soul


United States
39° 52' 38.8308" N, 105° 2' 17.5488" W

All the days seem to blur together
For once there was a forever.
Time ago I saw a new light
But then it died one fateful night.

I cried and tried to regain my pride
But they were silenced by the coming tide.
It seems I scream with no one here
For no one really seems to hear.

My words became a jumbled mess
Because I became something less.
I let you in to see my soul
But all I was doing was digging a hole.

Today I tried to talk to you
For you were with someone new.
All you did was ignore my pain
But you didn’t realize I had something to gain.

In its purest form revenge is sweet
But all you heard were her running feet.
You never imagined I would tell
But you created my own hell.

Today silence is too loud
For there is a word I solely vowed.
“Truth” is nothing but a lie
Until it is spoken and left to fly.

You thought you’d broken me for a time
But my soul is what is mine.
You mistaken the day you decided to take
What you thought was meaningless with rape.


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