Own it


You have always rejected yourself

When looking in the mirror

You couldn’t help the feeling of shame

For how long you have been feeling like that, who knows


Hiding your body under baggy clothes

Ashamed and worried that others will notice

When actually, no one gives a fuck


Somehow one day you decided you had enough

It was time to face your problem

No more hiding, no more ignoring

Take a deep breath because this is not going to be easy


Your body is deformed

and you have already accepted it

Now it’s time to own it

So you buy a swimsuit,

And you call a friend,

And you go to the pool for the first time in ten years


You have forgotten how good it feels to be in the water

You realized what you have been missing for so long

And now you don’t want your fears to be holding you back anymore


There is a new feeling in you

A foreign feeling of confidence that makes you feel strong

A strange sense of power that overshadows your insecurities

You have proved yourself things that you have doubted yourself in the past

And you like it, you like how things are going now


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