Overtinking, the Malevolent

Trapped in a perpetual circulation of thinking,

New things occur everyday

of those things shouldn't consume your precious time

Fantasies, dreams, and wonders are distractions

preventing you from executing daily progress


Taking time away to come up with eleborate plans of wealth or happiness

is well and fine, but must call for series of actions

piece by piece thats soon constructed into one stable foundation.

Never travel on trail to reach the top,

it's a gamble if the path may not reach far enough


Taking action will be the result of progress

particpatiaing in daily practice of your choosing incapables you from fears

it truely brings a boost of confidence and fuels one drive


If one must overthink their defeat and failure

If one must overthink their wishes and dreams

If one must overthink their past, their present, and future

Use it to fuel your simple habit


When the energy to reach the destination is store

Nothing can stop it from achieving more





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