Fri, 06/28/2013 - 17:34 -- mchally


he rolled up, asked me what you doin' son

the third wednesday yeea it was a brisk one

the leaves scattered everywhere

an all he did was stare

and give a glance right back to his other son

with a sluggish limp he got out of the car

the look on his face wasn't even hard

to tell that he was hidin' somethin

deep inside i wished it was nothin

i remember back when i was five

i asked my mom who's this guy

he's tryin to be so nice

but this is my life

an' i live it how i like 

so i hop on my bike and ride

right down to the park

where i know i can find

that baseball field where we used to play

i remember it was just the other day

you taught me the game

showed me how to tame

and release the beast that i keep inside

so i can escape the stress

and dominate the rest

to become the man the man i really am in your eyes


a month later it wasn't just a dream

we were family somethin like a team

not even a laugh

could break the tension in half

and return us back to the way things seemed


we used to be so close

tighter than a knot in a rope

i tried to cope

but it wasn't most dope

yet i understand

that it made me who i am 

it ain't about the chick that you slam 

it ain't about the cash that you make

its all about the fans

that understand what its like to be me

only they can see

through my cloak of invisibility


when he left i couldn't do nothin'

he said son, you better be somethin'

an' i took it to heart

got a job as a start

began that race and im still runnin

im still runnin


two years later things were different

dissipated of all my innocence

all the pain

that made me gain

an' change 

our relationship to somethin distant

an i realized after a while

that the experience gave me style

brought me to smile

through the worst of things

while i'm still scared

everytime the telephone rings

to be prepared for the news

that the person on the otherside brings

still i gotta spread my wings

an' shoot for the stars

in everything i do

i gotta go hard

to accomplish what i was born to do

skills honed

in the drone 

of the silence

perfect form

became the measure

of my triumph

you can see it eventually

changed me exponentially

but potentially

change is good 

change is great

its all about makin' no mistakes

their all outcomes

of how you walk

an' how you talk

an' if you hit the breaks

mixed with the decisions 

an' the chances you take

but life's about risk

and taking the leap

support our troops

cause freedom ain't cheap


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